How does it work

Get business funding to survive through the emergency. Pledge to invest part of the funds into innovation to make EU more resilient in the future.

  1. Validate your EU AID eligibility: Fill in any company’s information that has not been pre-filled. This helps to narrow your EU AID programmes selection into those you are eligible for.
  2. Choose which one you’d like to apply for.: If you can't find any, reach out to us.
  3. Validate your identity: Verify yourself via one of our preferred KYC providers.
  4. Verify your bank details: By connecting your bank account we validate your revenue streams.
  5. Request your funding: Based on this information a request is generated. Once you sign your request via a digital signature, it will be directly submitted to the relevant institution.
  6. Get paid: As your identity and revenue streams have already been verified, your institution will be able to process your payments faster.